June 2020


Taekwon-Do training, by its very nature, can place the exponent in a variety of situations where injury may occur, whether it be in competition, training or during demonstrations and gradings. Injuries and their causes can be many and varied, and hence the precautions taken to minimize injury are also many. The types of Injury can basically be divided into 2 categories. Cumulative Injury (chronic) These injuries can occur at any… Read More »INJURIES IN TAEKWONDO


by Todd Jones – Department of Philosophy, University of Nevada At a typical Taekwondo tournament sparring competition, it is not unusual to hear coaches make statements to each otheralong the lines of, “Eric’s roundhouse kicks have more power and grace; but Lance is more competitive, so I think Lance ismore likely to win this match.” As a former NCAA athlete, sports fan, and the parent of sons who do martial arts, I can attest thatthe… Read More »COMPETITIVENESS IN TAEKWON-DO

Ethics in Martial Arts

When we talk about a good martial artist having high ethics, or displaying ethical behaviour, what do we mean? Ethics can be described as a high level of socially conscious behavior which embodies the spirit of martial arts. It involves the ability of a martial artist to incorporate their body and mind, not just in their ability to focus on a technique, but also to guide their everyday actions and judgement.… Read More »Ethics in Martial Arts

Respect in Martial Arts

In the romanticized folklore of traditional martial arts values, the master instructor commanded respect through his deeds, his abilities and his profound wisdom and knowledge of philosophy and moral culture. He led by example, gave sound advice and guidance, he was truly respected, educated in life, and more importantly showed respect and humility to all others, regardless of rank, position or perceived benefit to themselves. Note for the purposes of… Read More »Respect in Martial Arts